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                                              The Muzzle Shop

Muzzles are needed for all kinds of dogs, for all kinds of reasons, and with the increase in popularity of dog activities such as Canicross, Bikejor and racing plus legislation in some Countries where dogs on public transport must be muzzled we have seen a huge rise in the need for well fitting, comfortable muzzles, that above else all allow the dog to pant. Dogs cannot keep cool if they can't pant effectively so this is our primary concern in getting the correct muzzle.


                                                        Step 1 Click here to decide which style you need
                                                        Step 2 Click here to get the right size

You will hopefully now know what style & size muzzle to order- if you have any doubts then click here  to  complete the contact form which is designed to give  the information we need to help you
 Don't know where to start?
      We are here to help!
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