Brand new! These muzzles are an updated version of the 111 and come with a comfort nose band in leather.



Designed for the smaller dogs to prevent them from scavenging, also suitable for exercising and is a good alternative to use instead of the Vet "cones of shame" to prevent dogs getting to a wound. 


They come in a small whippet, large terrier size, in 3 different lengths-180mm, 200mm, 220mm.


Designed for sighthounds we have found they fit many types of dogs, if you need any help then please email me, Fiona at or use a "contact us" button on the web page for help.


These are the measurements of the actual muzzle and not the size of the dog they will fit. To ensure a good fit you need to add room for panting depth, if you are unsure please contact us :

Circumference 27.5cm

Basket length 8cm

Muzzle length-

Size 1 18cm

Size 2 20cm

Size 3 22cm 

Lightweight muzzle with leather nose piece (111L) Small/medium


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