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If you have ordered before but do not know what size then please email or phone 07756395416 all we need is the name the order was placed under as we keep a record. 

If you are a new customer to ensure you receive the help you need as swiftly as possible please complete as much of the form as you can below, or email the information to contact@themuzzleshop. 

Firstly I need to know why you need the muzzle, is the dog reactive on lead, reactive off lead, is it for Vet visits, a scavenger, do they nip other dogs when running, or nip you when excited. Anything you can tell me helps to decide which muzzle is the best choice.

Then I need some measurements! I understand this may not be possible for all dogs, so just send what information you can.

Length of head-  Measure the length of your dog's head in a straight line from the base of their ear (where it joins their head) to the tip of the nose, as shown on Dan's photo. The muzzle as an adjustable strap to adjust the length to fit. Dan measures 20cm.

Circumference- using a soft tape measure the circumference around the dog's muzzle just behind the dog's nose ensuring the top & bottom jaw are captured in the measurement (as shown below where the measurement is 19cm).

Please note a measurement of over 30cm will not fit any of our muzzles.













Length of muzzle:

Most of our muzzles are designed for sighthounds, and if your dog is a breed other than a sighthound then it is helpful to the length of the muzzle.

Measure from below the dog's eyes, where you want the muzzle to sit, to the tip of their nose as indicated by the red line below on Bambi's photo.

Width this is not needed in Sighthounds, or Collies but is useful in other breeds especially the bull breeds. 

To measure the width, hold a ruler across the top of the dog's muzzle, and measure from left to right. Ronnie (above) measures 6cm wide .

A rough idea of height and build, and/or photos is helpful, or breeding if not a sighthound. Photos can be emailed to or added to the contact form.. You are welcome to email the answers to the questions with the photos, or fill out the contact form. 

And finally the headstraps on the muzzles are designed for sighthounds, who have thin necks, and for this reason  I need to know if the dog's neck is bigger than approx 40cm/ 15" measured around the base of the ear where the muzzle strap will sit. It isn't a problem if they have a bigger neck as we have extension straps that can be added on.


Measuring isn't an exact science to get the fit right, there are many factors involved, from the shape of the dogs to the accuracy of the measurements, and we all know that buying the right size of clothes online doesn't guarantee they'll fit or suit us- and it is the same with the muzzles!

 For this reason if you have sent measurements and don't think the muzzle is right then please contact us, don't assume we have got it right. We usually ask for a photo of the dog in the muzzle to work out the best way forward and may suggest an alternative size for you to purchase, however postage for UK parcels will be free, and a discount offered for International customers. 

If you are unhappy with this then please order the size of muzzle you would like sending from the drop down box in the shop. 

                                                                     If you get stuck at all just email or call 07756395416


Danny length new.jpg
Danny circumference new.jpg
muzzle length Bambi_edited.jpg
Muzzle width Ronnie 1_edited.jpg
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Thanks! Message sent.

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