If you have ordered from us before but do not know what size then order "unkown size" in the drop down box and add your dogs name to the additional information box as I keep a record of all sales, or fill in the contact form below.

Otherwise please measure your dog as per the instructions below and fill in the contact form at the bottom of the page or email us at Themuzzleshop@gmail.com. (The contact page doesn't always like it if you are using a phone)

To ensure the best fit possible we need you to measure your dog as follows:

Length-  using a ruler measure along the side of the dogs head (using the line of the jowl)  from behind the ear to the tip of the nose to get the length (as shown with the blue line in the photo below)

Circumference- using a soft tape approx half way down measure the circumference around the dogs muzzle (as shown below).
















A rough idea of height and build is helpful, or breeding if not a lurcher

And finally I need to know if the dogs neck is bigger than approx 40cm/ 15" high up behind their ears (for the muzzle strap).

Measuring isn't an exact science to get the fit right, there are many factors involved, from the shape of the dogs to the accuracy of the measurements, and we all know that buying the right size of clothes on line doesn't guarantee they'll fit or suit us- and it is the same with the muzzles!

 For this reason if you have sent measurements and don't think the muzzle is right then please contact us. We usually ask for a photo of the dog in the muzzle to work out the best way forward and may suggest an alternative size.

If you are unhappy with this then please order the size of muzzle you would like sending from the drop down box in the shop.

If you get stuck at all just email! 


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