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 Muzzle styles and sizes 

The table contains a list of the different styles and sizes, starting with the smallest in ascending order of depth.  Please follow the instructions on how to measure your dog found here and once you have the length of head and the circumference needed for panting identify the muzzles below that are the nearest match for length and depth to identify which sizes and styles will fit. 

For the length choose the same as the measurement you took, or shorter as the muzzles have a headstrap to get the perfect fit. The difference in overlength of the 107 and 110 is negligible and shouldn't influence your choice between the two styles.

                            Please don't forget to add in extra panting depth, which is anything from

                      6cm to 15cm depending on the size of the dog. If in doubt please contact us here.

As a final check hold a loop of tape that measures the same as the circumference of the muzzle you have chosen over the end of the dog's nose, If you are doubtful they can fully pant then look at the next size up.

Oscar will have enough panting room in the muzzle his owner is looking to buy.  Storm's owners looked at 28cm and didn't think there was enough panting room, so looked at 31cm and found this was deep enough.

Oscar measurement.JPG
Storm 28cm circumference.jpeg
Storm 31cm circumference.jpeg
Storm 28cm loop                                                   Storm 31cm loop         
muzzle dimensions for website.jpg
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