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As you can see, although the muzzles are designed for sighthounds they fit a variety of different shapes and sizes!

We love to see your dogs!!! If you would like your hound included then please send a photo stating the dogs name and the type of dog to themuzzleshop@gmail.com

Please only send photos if you are happy for me to use them online on this page and The Muzzle shop Facebook page, and occasionally in emails to show someone how a muzzle will fit.

Fly wearing a 101 box muzzle which are useful to prevent dogs from scavenging.

Otis plays football so breaks the lightweight muzzles, he's wearing a 107T in the photos.

This is what his owner says about him!



"He is in the huff here because its cold and windy and wouldn't look at the camera :D But it does show the side fit, this is his 107, I have just added a wee bit of padding on the bridge because he is a sensitive wee soul! "

Bear in his 110 running muzzle, demonstrating how much depth the dogs need to pant.

Freddie in a 110- these are brilliant for running in, you can see he is comfy and able to pant freely.

Astro the collie in a 110

Fizz sporting the 103.

The Box muzzle (101) can be useful for dogs who scavenge. This is the Greyhound size (equivalent to a 6) however the muzzle also comes in a whippet size and is called the 111.

Andy wearing the 101

This gorgeous little one is Bonnie, and she's modelling the new 111 muzzle, which is available in 3 different lengths to fit all breeds of dogs.

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