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Welcome to our gallery page! 

As you can see, although the muzzles are designed for sighthounds they fit a variety of different shapes and sizes!

We love to see your dogs!!! If you would like your hound included then please send a photo stating the dogs name and the type of dog to

Please only send photos if you are happy for me to use them online on this page and The Muzzle shop Facebook page, and occasionally in emails to show someone how a muzzle will fit.

Guard Emmett.jpg

Emmett is wearing a 112 protection plus muzzle with a guard. The guard is a useful addition  as stops them scavenging and biting.

It fits all Don Pare muzzles in a size 5 & 6, Don Pare 101 and all the Birdwell Muzzles.

110 Howard dalmation.JPG
Howard showing off his 110 his breed needs no introduction! 

Luna is wearing the 107 muzzle in Teal. This is a lightweight running muzzle, designed for dogs who are track racing, lure coursing or competing in canicross. 

It is designed to be light and comfortable whilst offering some protection if the dogs become jealous and fight or lunge at the end of a race.

107 Luna.jpg

Freddie in a 110- these are brilliant for running in, you can see he is comfy and able to pant freely.

freddie 2.jpg
Fletcher in his 114a which is currently our biggest muzzle
114A Fletcher GSP.jpg
Casper in his 110
110 casper 1.jpg
103 Fizz.jpg

Fizz sporting the 103.

Anxious dog Bella 110 1.JPG
Bella in her 110 muzzle and her Anxious padded harness. The harness and range of products for anxious and reactive dogs can be found here.
101 Andy.jpg

Andy in his red box muzzle (101) which is brilliant for dogs who scavenge. This is the Greyhound size (equivalent to a 6) however the muzzle also comes in a whippet size and is called the 111.

110 Luna advert 1.jpg

Luna in the 110

Pepsi looking cheeky in the  103 whippet muzzle
103 Pepsi.jpg
111 Bonnie.jpg

This gorgeous little one is Bonnie, and she's modelling the  111 muzzle, which is available in 2 versions and 3 different lengths to fit all breeds of dogs.

This photo shows the difference between the 103 and the 110 size 1, which is a question we often get asked.

The 110 size 1 is longer overall, and has a longer basket, although the panting depth is much the same in the 2 muzzles.

110 V 103_edited.jpg
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