On each shop page you will find a range of measurements that will fit each muzzle, and the actual measurements of the muzzle allowing you to work out if a particular muzzle will fit. Below are the instructions on how to measure your dog.

Length using a ruler measure the side of the dogs head from just behind the ear to the tip of the nose.
Danny measures 20 cm
 Assessing the depth of the muzzle.
It is easy to underestimate the amount of room needed to allow your dog to pant freely. Signs that a muzzle are too small are that the dog will pant heavier, quicker than usual, and that they don't settle with the muzzle on- because they can't breath effectively!

This is Riley, he's a scavenger so needs the muzzle to stop him eating things he shouldn't. He's sitting like the perfect gent that he is to be measured, and the tape is set at 35cm which as you can see will give him enough panting depth.

Layla's photograph shows how much depth she has in her muzzle when her mouth is closed, and the photo below shows that she easily uses that depth to pant. 

It is really easy to underestimate how much room the dogs need to pant freely, and as this is the only way they can keep cool it is essential that we get this right.

If in doubt then go up a size in muzzle.

Need help?
Please email us
Giving a little bit of information why you need a muzzle, and when it will be used, along with the breed or type of dog, plus:
length of head as above and
circumference of muzzle as below:
To get the circumference measure around the end of the dogs muzzle (just above their nose) using a soft tape that is flush.
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