To work out what size muzzle you need please measure your dog as below

Length using a ruler measure the side of the dogs head from just behind the ear to the tip of the nose.
Pick the muzzle that is the same or shorter length to the length of your dog's head. All have straps to adjust the length.
Danny measures 20 cm
Danny length new.jpg
 Assessing the depth of the muzzle.
It is easy to underestimate the amount of room needed to allow your dog to pant freely. Signs that a muzzle are too small are that the dog will pant heavier, quicker than usual, and that they don't settle with the muzzle on, often trying to pull them off- because they can't breath effectively!
Step 1 To find the circumference measurement, using a soft tape measure around the end of the dog's muzzle (just above their nose) using a soft tape that sits flush as shown on Danny.
Step 2 To the circumfernece measurement add 6cms for small dogs, and up to 15 cms for bigger dogs to this measurement and looking at your chosen style of muzzle choose which size is the nearest.
Danny circumference new.jpg
Step 3 To check that the muzzle is deep enough hold a loop of tape that measures the same as the circumference of the muzzle you have chosen over the end of the dogs nose, If you are doubtful they can fully pant then look at the next size up.
Oscar is sat showing the depth of the muzzle his owner is looking to buy. You can see he will have enough depth to pant.
Oscar measurement.JPG
If you have a sighthound you will now have enough information to get the correct size of muzzle, for a few other breeds particularly those with wider faces such as the labrador, SBT you may find it helpful to measure the width of the dog's muzzle.
Literally measure the width of the muzzle as you look down on top of the dog's head.

The basket of the 114 and the Birdwell are 7cm wide which is relatively narrow for the size of muzzle.
The 11o and 107 are 9cm wide and the basket of these muzzles can be squashed into a wider, rounder shape to accommodate a wider face.

         If you are happy with your measurements then click here for a table of the                                 measurements of all the muzzles to select the right size and style. 
If you have any concerns at all then please go to the contacts page and complete the form or email with as much information as possible.
We are happy to refund for any muzzle that is purchased in the wrong size, you can also purchase a selection to try and return any unwanted ones to us. The UK delivery cost is for a small parcel per order, which can contain a number of muzzles so it will cost no more to try a selection, and the cost of returning them is £3.20 using second class post with free proof of posting the parcel will also be insured.
110 Luna side view panting.jpg
110 Luna side view closed mouth.jpg
This is what we are aiming for, you can see Luna has the depth required to pant fully n the muzzle.
Looking at the photo of her mouth closed you can see how much depth is needed for them to pant efficiently.
It is vitally important that the dog can pant, as this is their mechanism for keeping cool.