About us
This all started many years ago in 2006 on the arrival of our first Lurcher. Through him we became involved in fostering dogs who were awaiting their forever homes, and I saw the need for fundraising, which lead me to start organising dog shows and events, helping with auctions and run an online shop.
You will find links to the dog shows I am organising on the website- please share the links and help make them a success!
Things have now developed and grown, and as we found the muzzles are suitable for dogs outside the Lurcher community we launched The Muzzle Shop, a website and shop page dedicated to muzzles, and treats, which we hope will find a wide audience.
No one chooses to muzzle their dog, and the choice and style out there can be confusing. Our aim is to help choosing the correct style and size of muzzle, to ensure we get the best possible fit for the dog. 
Our parcels are sent using paper packaging, the stamps used are made from recycled material, and the compliment slips are also made from recycled paper. The environment needs all the help it can get, so we help where we can.
We hope you find the site easy to use, if you have any comments please contact us, or join our on line forum.
Thank you
Fiona & Rob
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