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We are often asked about muzzle training, and the best advice we can give is take it slowly, don't rush things and make the muzzle something to be feared. 

Some dogs take to them easily, others are more mistrustful and will require more time.

Below is a fabulous video of Alf having his first taster of muzzle training, notice his owner is calm, and relaxed with no pressure put on Alf.

Once the dog is used to putting their head in the muzzle wait a little longer before you treat, and be slower to take the muzzle off.

The next stage would be to work on the strap, aiming to fasten the muzzle, treat and remove it, building the time up that the dog is wearing the muzzle.

Once your dog associates the muzzle with something they enjoy, an off lead run, or some kind of sport they will happily wear them, providing they can pant sufficiently. If you have any doubt about the fit please contact us.

                          And thank you to Alf and his owner for the video!

The Dog Geeks are currently offering free muzzle training in light of the recent news on XL Bullies.
Free Muzzle Training Course (

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