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115 Tough Box Muzzle

115 Tough Box Muzzle


The excellent design of this box muzzle means there is minimal loss of airflow through the muzzle due to the small but well placed guard, so they are safe for dogs to exercise in as they will not impede the ability to pant and cool down.


Made of a tougher nylon material than the standrad 115 muzzles  this is smaller than the 101 greyhound box muzzle, and compares with the panting depth of the 110 and 107 size 3. 


The enclosed part of the muzzle is directly in front of the dog's mouth, meaning it acts as a barrier to their teeth, and they can't scavenge, 

Giving treats should be possible, if not a little tricky!


Available in 3 lengths, these muzzles have a circumference of 30cm which compares with a size 3 in the 110 and 107 running muzzles.


A keeper strap or muzzle stop can be used to help keep the muzzles in place and prevent the dog losing them.  A minority of dogs may benefit from either the keeper strap or muzzle stop but this is not the norm, we find if the dog is in a well fitted muzzle that allows them to pant then very few will try and remove them, however some dogs may lose a muzzle in undergrowth on walks. . 


Find keeper straps here

Find muzzle stops here


Designed for sighthounds we have found they fit many types of dogs, and below are details of how to measure your dog to get the correct size, however if you need any help in how to measure or assess what size is needed then click here for help.



 Measure the length of your dogs head in a straight line from behind their ear, to the tip of the nose. The muzzles are available in the following lengths 200, 225 and 250mm and come with an adjustable leather strap. 



This is important to make sure your dog can pant freely.

The circumference of these muzzles is 30cm which compares with a size 3 in the running muzzles (110 & 107).

Hold a loop of tape at  30cm over the end of the dog's nose to see if they will  have enough room to pant.


The straps will fit a neck of up to approx 15" if this is not long enough then an extension strap may be needed see here.


Please note that dogs with a high prey drive or a history of reactivity/aggression towards other dogs may still be able to inflict injuries whilst wearing muzzles especially if they are off lead and not under your close control. 

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