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101 Greyhound Box, Walking Out or Kennel Muzzle
  • 101 Greyhound Box, Walking Out or Kennel Muzzle


    The walking out, kennel or box muzzle is designed for use when dogs are travelling. The boxed in design is also useful at preventing dogs from scavenging, and for dogs that break the basket styles for e.g by playing with toys, or knocking the muzzle through play.


    The first choice for exercise should be a basket style muzzle, however if the dog is scavenging and at risk of being ill the balance will shift in favour of the 101 even for exercise as it is a lightweight muzzle, allows them to pant and has airflow through the basket top.

    This is also a good choice if the dog needs a slightly stronger muzzle for running off lead than the lightweight basket ones which can break if they are come into contact with objects. Due to it's design the 101 is more robust, and comes in a tougher version the 101T.


    They are made of plastic in many colours, and are also available in a black rubber (which is listed separately). The rubber is lighter, and more robust as is more pliable than the plastic. Please be aware that the shades of colours can differ very  slightly from the photos, particularly the yellow.


    A keeper strap or muzzle stop can be used to help keep the muzzles in place and prevent the dog losing them.  A minority of dogs may benefit from either the keeper strap or muzzle stop but this is not the norm, we find if the dog is in a well fitted muzzle that allows them to pant then very few will try and remove them, however some dogs may lose a muzzle in undergrowth on walks. 


    Find keeper straps here

    Find muzzle stops here


    Designed for sighthounds we have found they fit many types of dogs, and below are details of how to measure your dog to establish if the box muzzle will fit, however if you need any help then click here for help.



     Measure the length of your dogs head in a straight line from behind their ear, to the tip of the nose. The muzzle measures 22cm long and also come with an adjustable leather strap. 

    The minimum head length that will fit is 21cm.



    This is important to make sure your dog can pant freely.

    The circumference of the muzzle is measured at the end of the basket where the dogs nose will be  and is 35cm.

    Hold a loop of tape at  35 cm over the end of the dogs nose to see if this is a suitable size.


    The measurements below are the measurements of the actual muzzle, and not the size of dog they will fit. To ensure a good fit you need a good panting depth, if you are unsure at all please contact us.

     Length 22cm / circumference 35cm / basket length 9cm


    The straps will fit a neck of up to approx 15", if this is not long enough then an extension strap may be needed.


    A guard can be added for more protection: Don Pare Guard | The Muzzle Shop.


    The box muzzles are available in 3 sizes, this one 101, the 115 Box found here  and  111L Box found here or 111 found here.


    Designed for sighthounds we have found they fit many types of dogs, if you need any help then please contact us.


    Please note that dogs with a high prey drive or a history of reactivity/aggression towards other dogs may still be able to inflict injuries whilst wearing muzzles especially if they are off lead and not under your close control. 


    • Returns

      If you have any problems or queries with your purchase please contact us so we can work out the best way forward. 

      We have a 30-day return policy, which means you have 30 days after receiving your item to have it returned back to us. For muzzles this is extended to 3 months as we appreciate it may take soime time to accustom your dog to the muzzle.

      Returns are accepted and refund will be given on receipt of the returned item, which must be in the same condition that you received it, unused, with tags and in the original packaging where appropriate.

      Postage costs are the responsibility of the customer.

    • Don Pare 101

    • Unsure of size?

      If you have ordered before but cannot remember what size you need please email us here.

      If you are new to muzzles then please look here for help.

    • Want to leave special instructions?

      If you would like to leave a message regarding your order please do so from the shopping basket page in the "add a note" section at the bottom of the page.



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