The walking out, kennel or box muzzle is designed for use when dogs are travelling. The boxed in design is also useful at preventing dogs from scavenging, and for dogs that break the basket styles fir e.g by playing with toys, or knocking the muzzle through play.


Unless needed for a specific reason this style of muzzle shouldn’t be the first choice for a dog to exercise in,  as the boxed in design restricts the flow of air through the muzzle and can impede the dogs ability to cool down.


The measurements below are the measurements of the actual muzzle, and not the size of dog they will fit. To ensure a good fit you need a good panting depth, if you are unsure at all please contact us.

(Size 6)  Length 23cm / circumference 35cm / basket length 9cm



For added protection from scavenging or biting a Guard (available in the on line shop) is available at a cost of £4.

They come in a standard greyhound size, however there is a smaller whippet version the 111.


Designed for sighthounds we have found they fit many types of dogs, if you need any help then please use a "contact us" button on the web page for help.


Please note that dogs with a high prey drive or a history of reactivity/aggression towards other dogs may still be able to inflict injuries whilst wearing muzzles if they are off lead and without your close control. 


Greyhound box/walking out muzzle (101) Large

  • If you have any problems or queries with your purchase please contact me so we can work out the best way forward. 


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