Heading 6

This is the smallest of the muzzles, designed for Italian Greyhounds they will fit some of the smaller breeds of dogs, including smaller terriers. It is an open basket design making them suitable for off lead running and  exercise.


The straps are relatively short, and you may need an extension strap if the dog isn't an Italian Greyhound or Whippet.


The leather nose band has been designed with the smooth side facing down to be more comfortable for the dogs. 

The new style of muzzle has a double strap on the top, at the moment we have a mix of old and new styles in the different colours. Please ask if you have any questions about this.

The size 1 measures 14cm in length, the size 2 is 16cm, both muzzles have a circumference of 23cm.


This is how to measure and see what size is suitable, for more help please click here:


 Measure the length of your dogs head in a straight line from behind their ear, to the tip of the nose. The muzzles are available  (size 1)14 and (size 2)  16cm long and also come with an adjustable leather strap. 


For a length of 12-15cm get the size 1 (14cm) for up to 18cm the size 2.



This is important to make sure your dog can pant freely.

The circumference of the muzzle is 23cm and is measured at the end of the basket where the dogs nose will be. 

Hold a loop of tape at 23cm over the end of the dogs nose to see which size they will need to have enough room to pant.


For these to fit lenth wise, the dog's muzzle must measure  6 cm or longer, the measurement being taken from in front of the dogs eyes/ top of their muzzle  (where the bridge/strap of the muzzle should sit) to the tip of the nose.


Please note that dogs with a high prey drive or a history of reactivity/aggression towards other dogs may still be able to inflict injuries whilst wearing muzzles if they are off lead and without your close control. 

Tiny IG running muzzle (113)

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