So what is so brilliant about this treat bag?

First of all, the best feature is that you can use the bag one handed, allowing you to treat quickly without losing the dogs attention.


Secondly the bag self seals, no toggles or fasteners to wrestle with and no treats spill out when you run, jump, or bend forward to praise and treat-perfect for sports, bikejor, canicross, hoopers, agility.
We've all been there when you've fumbled with the bag or your coat pocket and the dog has lost interest, then in your rush to treat and praise  all the treats spill out as you move and bend forward- rendering the rest of the walk or training session useless!!
Well no more!!! These amazing bags are so easy to use, they fix onto your waistband or dog lead with a strong carabiner and have the option of a belt loop (which can be used in conjunction of the carabiner to keep the bag from swinging on a lead). they hold their own shape and will also sit in your pocket.
They are made of neoprene so are washable, and don't absorb the fat from treats such as cheese.
So no more smelly pockets, no more distracted dogs, which just leaves me to say they are made in Cornwall and they look amazing!!


                                                        ***** Fabulous!*****








Neoprene Treat Bag by Duck Soup


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