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Waterproof Training Long Line
  • Waterproof Training Long Line

    PriceFrom £10.00

    Training lines are an ideal way of starting to allow your dog more freedom, whilst still controlling their movements, and are ideal for anxious and nervous dogs, as well as puppies.

    Made from  waterproof webbing they are easy to keep clean, and don't smell or rot from being wet .

    They are easy to keep clean with soap and water and make an excellent training tool.


    They should be used with a harness, but above all do not let your dog run on the end of a line, it will only end in disaster!

    Instead use them to allow your dog to move away from you, gaining confidence and practicing recall training safely.


    This line is 2cm wide which is wide enough to offer the strength but flexible enough to be manageable and is available in different lengths to suit your needs.


    Choose from a trigger hook, standard carabiner or locking safety carabiner which requires a twisting motion to unlock it.


    The caribiners are made of lightweight aluminium used in the aircraft industry, and have a loading capacity of more than 400 kg.

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