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Light Collar- rechargeable
  • Light Collar- rechargeable


    These fabulous bright silicone collar lights are fully rechargeable with the USB cable that is included. Never run our of battery power again!

    They are made from a soft silicone and cut down to any size required, the maximum length is 50cm.


    The blue collars are slightly wider, measuring 30mm making them perfect for dogs with longer fur that may partially cover the collar, and even thoigh wider the silicone is really soft ensuring the comfort of the dog.


    The green collars are 18mm wide.


    • up to 4 hours flashing light
    • up to 2.5 hours continuous light
    • splash-proof
    • size individually adjustable by simple cutting- use scissors to cut anywhere along the length of the collar, ignore the wire inside and just cut through it.
    • including USB cable 
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