There has been a lot of talk around poo bags recently, and the difference beytween compostable and degradable, with some companies blurring the lines between the two.


These large, strong 96 poo bags with handles are compostable meaning they will completely degrade in a matter of months, even in a home compost, making them environmentally friendly as they are also produced witha  low carbon footprint.

Available with and without handles to suit everyone, and we also sell bag dispensers for those who like tidy pockets!


Why not try a roll of 15 bags for £1.40


Being a plant based natural material, the creation of cornstarch has a fantastically low carbon footprint. What’s more, once you’re finished with it, it will completely biodegrade into the natural elements it once started its starchy life as, leaving no trace.

Bags measure: 22.5 x 33cm


 They completely biodegrade back to their natural elements. OK Compost TUV Home S0329, ASTM 6400 and EN13432 certified.


Compostable poo bags with handles


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