• Birdwell Muzzles made in Texas
  • Manufactured using UV protected extruded plastic that is extremely strong and long lasting. The colors resist fading and staining, and they are easy to clean with just water.
  • The headstall is made from our plastic coated nylon and is heat sealed at all openings to resist absorbing water and rot.
  • Made from heavy-duty plastic that wont bend or warp under hard use and all metal buckle and hardware. Resistant to scraping on fences as well as dirt and odors.
  • Tough and lightweight plastic basket muzzle helps prevent biting and nipping while providing plenty of room to drink and pant. Ideal for park, vet, grooming visits, or traveling in general.
  • Allows eating of dry food and receiving treats while fully covering the nose for added protection for the dog as well as from snapping or biting. Being a full basket, the muzzle prevents self chewing and fleaing that can cause irritated skin and painful sores.
  • Handmade in the USA from start to finish by the same family owned company since 1995.



Medium are 35cm in circumference, the basket is 7cm wide and 12cm deep

Large are 38cm in circumference, the basket is 7cm wide and 14cm deep.


The muzzles will fit dogs such as GSD, but not the wide faced dogs such as Boxers.


A keeper strap or muzzle stop can be used to help keep the muzzles in place and prevent the dog losing them.  A minority of dogs may benefit from either the keeper strap or muzzle stop but this is not the norm, we find if the dog is in a well fitted muzzle that allows them to pant then very few will try and remove them, however some dogs may lose a muzzle in undergrowth on walks. . 


Find keeper straps here

Find muzzle stops here


Please note that dogs with a high prey drive or a history of reactivity/aggression towards other dogs may still be able to inflict injuries whilst wearing muzzles especially if they are off lead and not under your close control. 

Birdwell Muzzle

  • If you are new to muzzles then please look here for help with sizing