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Comprehensive 1st Aid kit designed  for your pet and comes  in a handy case containing everything you will need in an emergency. I looked at many 1st Aid kits to stock on our website and found they contained many items that will not be useful, for e.g safety pins, triangular bandages (to make an arm sling), alcohol wipes. I have therefore sourced eveything separatley, using my knowledge as an Intensive care Sister to put together a comprehensive 1st Aid Kit.


The items bought separately would cost £45.24 - we have put them together in the pack for  £34.50


Tick remover- an absolute must have for all dog owners. Ticks need removing quickly and safely to minimise the risk of diseases such as Lymes disease.


500ml Saline 0.9% (labelled eye wash) this is the correct strength of salt water to use for washing wounds, and eyes. It is much cheaper than the small 20ml pods, and 500ml is a useful amount for flushing large wounds.

You can use it to flush and clear debris from a wound or eyes, can also be sued on gauze to clean a wound or eyes.

This is much safer than using a homemade saline solution that are made either too strong or too weak!


Hibiscrub a must have to clean wounds, or wash skin if dogs have been in long grass and suffer from tiny pustules. It is usually used diluted as you would a liquid soap, but can also be used neat of the skin before being washed or rinsed off. 250ml.


Non sterile swabs- 7.5cm x 7.5cm -100 swabs ideal for soaking in saline or diluted hibiscrub and and using to clean a wound as they will not leave fibres behind. Can also be used with saline to clean an eye area.


Sterile swabs- 2packs of 10cm x 10cm x 10 can be used to dress wounds


Crinx conforming bandage-x2  5cm x 4m These are lightweight bandages ideal for hold a dressing in place, or used for "happy tail", or to bandage ears to their head if they have a bleeding injury on the tip. These are lightweight and are not as tight as the Cohesive bandages.


Ambulance dressing- these are a pad with a  bandage attached and are ideal for a wound that is bleeding, simply unwrap the dressing, apply the pad and wind the bandage around to stop bleeding


Cohesive bandage- 5cm x 4.5m  x2 This bandage is useful for all sorts of things and an absolute must in a 1st aid kit. It is a bandage that is stretchy so can be used to apply pressure to a wound that will not stop bleeding, simply put some gauze or the ambulance dressing on and  wrap it around the area to stem the flow of blood. It can also be used to cover a wound until you get to the vets, or to hold a dressing in place as it sticks to itself but not the dog. We also use it as padding on a muzzle if needed.

It tears easily- no scissors needed. You will receive 2 random coloured bandages in the pack.


Paraffin gauze swabs (sterile) 10x10cm x 10 - useful to apply to a wound where there has ben skin loss, for e.g a burn. Paraffin gauze will stop the bandage/dressing sticking to the wound, which causes further injury when removed.


Micropore Tape 2.5cm x 9.1m- tape is sueful in any 1st aid kit. Micropore is hypoallergenic and easy to tear- so no scissors needed.


2 pairs gloves- size large


First Aid Box- useful for sitting in the cupboard at home or the boot of the car. keeps all items together and easy to find in an emergency.


Everything in the set is useful for both accidents when out and about and small wounds that can be treated at home. Each item will be for sale in the shop so you can stock up as needed. 




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