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117 Giant Muzzles Light
  • 117 Giant Muzzles Light


    These large muzzles will fit the majority of XL Bullies and other large breeds with a broad head such as the bigger male Labradors.


    These are made from a lighter softer plastic than the standard 117 Giant muzzles and are a basket style which means the dogs can drink with the muzzle on. It is possible to feed them treats when wearing the muzzle, although the small gaps in the front of the muzzle limit what size of treat you can give them.


    They are a softer plastic than the 117 and not suitable for dogs that are aggressive and likely to bite, nor will they stand up to be rubbed on the floor or a heavy dog trying to paw them off.

    It is essential to slowly introduce a muzzle  over a number of days, you should not fasten the muzzle immediately as the dog needs to desensitise to something on their face, nor should you put the muzzle on and leave the dog unattended, they'll become distressed and do everything they can to take the muzzle off.   We can't stress enough that in every day use the muzzles will last, but they are very lightweight, designed with comfort in mind and will not stand up to a heavy dog pawing it off their face, or rubbing it on the floor. 

    Please click here for muzzle training tips.

    Weight 85g approx



    Circumference 40cm

    Depth of basket 15cm

    Width of basket  11cm

    Length of side basket 9cm

    Lengths: 20, 22.5 and 25cm



    Circumference 44cm

    Depth of basket 16cm

    Width of basket  11cm

    Length of side basket 9cm

    Lengths: 20, 22.5 and 25cm


    The muzzles are manufactured and assembled by hand in the UK and due to the high demand they are in short supply.

    Please note the comfort nose band may not be black as shown in the photos as the manufacturer is sourcing supplies from different places due to the unprecedented demand on supplies.


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