Apr 28

Photos needed!


Photos are a great way for me to show people how the muzzles should fit and to show that the dogs can be happy wearing one, and that they don't look so scary!


Willow having a nosey!

They're also a good way for me to see how the muzzles fit the different breeds and shapes of head, in fact this is how I have learnt what will and won't fit.

If you are happy for me to share your photos please post them below with the dogs names so I can add them to my portfolio! The photos will be used on the website, facebook and in emails to show individuals who are looking at purchasing one.


If you'd like my opinion on a fit then you can also post the photos here, or send them via email it really doesn't mater!

the main thing is if you don't want me to share your photo just say so on your post- thank you. :)

New Posts
  • Feedback is so important, it enables me to learn more about the muzzles, how they function is every day use, what breaks them, what you like about them etc etc! The website is set to send out an automatic feedback form, this was purely to ensure people are happy and settled with their purchase, and give an opportunity for anyone to ask questions. I also get asked if there is anywhere else you can leave feedback- so you can also post it in here if you like!

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